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22 octobre 2015

my prenstation

hello,my name is Cassandra SEU i thirteen old .

I live in seclin and my nationality is french Cassandra 19-08-2015 00-15-46

I'm form lille

I'm one dog and one fish

I'm one brother,halft sisters,halft brother and my mum expecthing a child


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Faustine is taller than me

Faustine them lighter hair than me
I'am is shy than Faustine 

Faustine as talkative as me

Faustine as hardworking as me Cassandra 01-04-2015 05-16-37

I'am as lazy as Faustine 

I'am is less jealous than Faustine

Faustine is less touchier than me

I'am is less serious than Faustine


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my tast

I love sunbating

I hate running

I am crazy about swimming pool Cassandra 01-04-2015 05-11-47

I can't stand the guitar

I don't like vegetables at all

I enjoy when i see my family

I don't really like the dentist

I don't mind english


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my carateristic

Cassandra :

I'am a girl  

I have brown eyCassandra 01-04-2015 05-16-37es

I have long blond hair mid 

I made a meter sixty-on


she's a girl

she have green eyes

she have long blond hair

she is taller





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